Q. Are the games coed?

A. Yes, but mainly guys


Q. What is the cost of each game?

A. Ice time is expensive and the cost is $20.  If there are special occasions where ice time is cheaper, then I will give back $5 at the end of the game.


Q. Are the pickup games supervised?

A. No


Q. What do you consider a beginner-low?

A. Those who are just starting to those who play recreationally.  If you are not willing to play the speed of the game and at the level of the players around you, then don't come.


Q. What is the age group range?

A. The age range of the majority is in between mid 20s to late 30s.


Q. What equipment do I need to play?

A.  All skaters are highly recommended to wear full equipment including:


·         Helmet with Cage or Visor

·         Skates

·         Hockey Gloves

·         Jock / Jill

·         Elbow Pads

·         Shin Pads 

·         Shoulder Pads

·         Jersey

·         Hockey Pants



Q. What am I agreeing to in the RSVP?

A. To help alleviate the liability of losing money, the following contingency plan is put in action regarding "Attending RSVP"

For those who change their RSVP status to Not Attending 2 days before the date of the game, then it is fine.

For those who change their RSVP status to Not Attending 1 day before the game or on game day (And also emailing me), then you have to pay extra $10 for the next game you attend

For those who just DON'T SHOW UP for the game without any notifications, you will have to pay $20 for the next game you attend 


For repeat offenders, Administrator has the discretion to ban you.


The ice rink time has to be booked well in advance, and there is no refund policy. Therefore, if you are not sure you can make the event, please put yourself down as maybe attending first rather than attending on the RSVP list. You can then change to attending when you are sure. Obviously, those on the attending list will be guaranteed a space on the roster first.


Q. I have another question, who should I ask?

A. You can find our contact email on the Contact Us tab

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